Acceptable Use Policy for LARVOL Services

Use of LARVOL’s Products and Services (OMNI, PULSE, CLIN, CONF) are subject to this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Please read this document carefully as you are responsible for violations of this AUP by you or any third party you allow to use the products or Services.

You may not use the Products or Services to:
You agree:
to use the Products and Services in accordance with applicable laws and government regulations;
that you are the data controller under applicable privacy laws and as a data controller it is your legal responsibility to process personally identifiable information gathered from use of Products and Services in lawful way;
to use Products and Services only for your internal business intelligence purposes (to analyze data, follow key opinion leaders and gather actionable information in order to assist your organization in making  informed business decisions);
to only use Products and Services in a manner consistent with the purpose of intent of the Products and Services.
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Latest update: February 19, 2020